Is Book Promotion a place for feedback? Part Two.

Promotion is a form of advertising, putting one's book up for sale. On Lulu every Storefront page has the option to leave a review, and some do. Who moans about that? If a book has an ISBN, which most often did in the old 'promotion' area, it's then spread out across the internet to be promoted and for sale, and all have a space for reviews/comments under them. One can moan at them, or accept them. I doubt they can be blocked!

So I see the Book Promotion section as no different, except it's on a self-publishing site, so why cannot comments be made in regard to the layout or whatever? No one has to take any notice. It's not as if anyone is saying "this is crap and should be deleted!!" and even if they did, is it not better they say it in a section of the forum and not on the product's public page? It's far better to read such comments here then on Amazon, which by then it's too late.

Also, there always was a section similar to Author Workshop, (and cover Workshop and other creative sections) I don't recall it being created because of comments in the previous promotion section, just the opposite.


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