Why am i only able to upload 21 Files?

Why am i only able to upload 21 Files? I upload each chapter separately,. I make sure each file will convert smoothly then go back up load the next when ready. But anymore than 21 files i get an error. Why is that happening.


  • Hrmm, I thought the max was 100. I can no longer find the answer, but there are often links to Help on sections in the actual Wizards. I don't know what you are uploading or to which tool, but can you not combine the files before you upload them? When it comes to a book I just upload one file.
  • Kevin's right, the file limit is 100 files.

    It's most likely the file size post conversion is too large. The other possibility is something in the specific 22nd file you're uploading is crashing it.

    I would strongly recommend combining and prepping the files into a single file before uploading, as this gives you the most control over design and layout. And it avoids the possibility that our converter might shift the positioning of any content.

  • There is also a max single file upload size, but I forget what it is. 300 mb? But one can overcome that using FTP is it? I forget that too! However I have no idea how a Wizard manages to deal with files that large. Having created PDFs and docxs myself it puzzles me how people arrive at files so big, though.
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