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so nerved have issue with publishing magazine

Need help all my past files never had an issue and uploaded fine for both print and ebook you can see on our page then all of the sudden we are having issues
both when we convert to epub and also for pdf.
the stupid system won't publish it and the fonts are fine and I want someone to help cause I use a library word but it is upto date. 
and epub converted fine but somehow lulu now is being a butt head
so we went to pdf and not distribute and now it says some stupid helvica things so we went through the step by step how to fix for everything and it won't save that way.
I need you to fix these tech errors and put it back so our documents will work
our former doc worked now not. 
we would like to distribute and we are a magazine.
so if you can tell us how to setup our word docoment book so it doesn't do this anymore then great 
don't do what you typed online we did that we did the options on save as we tried to embed fonts the pdf file is fine somehow your system is still an issue fix it. 


  • Gosh. Please slow down! It's not easy to work out exactly what you are asking!

    This may help >>

  • If you ran into trouble selecting distribution for epub yesterday, it may have been on our end. Our system is being updated to the most recent epub check and some issues arose with validating that against iBooks and Barnes & Noble.
    For the fonts, it seems likely that the version of Word or Adobe on the computer you are using doesn't have the necessary font in the font library or folder.
    Another possibility is that Word is not actually creating a font embedded PDF. I've experienced inconsistency with MS Word in their PDF creation. Most of the experiences I've had in this regard have involved documents with custom page sizes, but it does seem that the newest version of Word is less consistent about creating PDFs. Sadly, we can't do anything about making Word work better.
    Regardless, the best bet would be to contact our support team.
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