Custom or Pre-Made Cover Designers

Hello. My name is Riley Rutter. I need a cover designer that could be allowed to be paid through book sales instead of beforehand commission. Thanks!

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  • Good luck with that. Many self-published authors are lucky to sell a dozen books. More people make money writing about writing, and how to write, and designing book covers than from actually writing books.

  • The probability of one selling more than 50 books, let alone making a living out of self publishing is very low. For every E L James, there are hundreds of thousands of writers who are struggling. I am on disability and as such took up writing just to pass the time. I am not expecting become successful out of it. 

    You could spend 200 dollars on a cover for your book and it could take years to make that back in sales. 
  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher
    The reason most cover-artists take the commission route is simple, they have bills to pay. Some will cut you some slack because they hate lousy book covers.

    As JackRErnest mentioned, it can take years to make enough money to cover your expenses. If you're extremely lucky [as in get struck three times by lightning while surviving and winning the Mega Lotto at the same time] you might release the next sensation to hit the publishing world, but most authors aren't that lucky.
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