How do I upload a cover?

How do I upload a cover?


  • For a print book, you'll create the interior file first and make that print ready. With the interior file ready, the cover step offers some options - you can create a cover from our templates or design and upload your own.

    If you want to upload your own cover, the option to select is "Advanced One-Piece Cover Designer." This tool will provide the precise measurements for your cover file, as well as an upload button.
  • BRF_75BRF_75 Reader
    Questions about a book cover for a spiral bound book.  Does it cost extra for a front cover photo in color?  For a back cover, can it be just a solid color, no printing or does it need to have the ISBN barcode printed on it?  I assume that would mean a white back cover, to accommodate the barcode.  Accurate?  

  • Hi BRF_75,

    It does not cost extra to have the book cover in color.

    The back cover can be a solid barcode. If you want retail distribution, you will have to have a barcode. If you use one of our cover wizards, we will add the barcode automatically. If you upload your own cover, we do not add the barcode.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Spiralbound books via Lulu Create cannot have ISBNs.
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