Selling the Story

My book is currently in print for the proof copy. If it all goes as planned, I was wanting to get about 20 copies for family and friends, privately. But now I'm wondering about selling my story. I have made reference to a couple of songs in my story and was wondering if I needed to have permission in order to get copyrights and prepare to sell? I wouldn't think so, but was wondering where that line is drawn.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    It's not unusual to mention the names of songs in writing, some artists may even welcome that, but lyrics are very copyright, although a line or two from a song should be OK, but it's often best to state who it is by and that it is their copyright, often on your copyright page. But if in doubt you can always try to ask the artists. Most have their own site or Facebook page.
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