4.25" x 6.88" book

why aren't these books assigned an isbn or distribution?


  • Distribution is driven by the channels receiving the books to distribute, and not Lulu. It could be that those distribution chanels do not want the book size in question, for whatever reason, but I should imagine it has something to do with logistics.

    As to why the book can not be assigned an ISBN, there is no point it having an ISBN if it cannot be distributed beyond Lulu.

  • Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
    edited January 2018
    Everything Wildwind stated is accurate.

    I will add that the Pocket size (4.25" x 6.88") is eligible for limited distribution to Amazon. One thing we do poorly with our current Create page is define and segment distribution eligible and non-eligible formats. It's a major fix for our next version of the site.

    You can find the list of eligible formats and the required specs here:

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