What fonts should I use for a Science Fiction book?

Hi, so I'm knew to Lulu, and I'm looking to publish, just one book for my friend as a birthday gift. I've decided to use the Digest size of book. It's a Science Fiction book which she wrote herself on Wattpad, and I want to get a copy of it published as motivation to her dream of becoming an author. And because this is a surprise, I can't really ask her what she wants in her book. So I'm wondering what fonts should I use for the cover, title headings (like for the Chapter), and for the text itself. I did ask her some questions, trying to make sure she doesn't suspect anything as her birthday is still a long long way to go. She said for the title heading, "something fancier that you see in fantasy books", but idk if it would suit a Science Fiction book? And then for the text, she just said the standard text they use, so that would probably be Times New Roman? I'm no expert on this stuff, so I'd like some help from the community. ^.^ thanks.


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