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Book-art press solutions llc

I am new to the self-publishing world and have been approached by Book-Art Press llc who claim to have literary agents willing to endorse my book and get it on bookstore shelves.... and hopefully get in front of publishing companies. My cost is only to provide them with the books and they republish under their banner. Copyright stays with me. Currently the publisher is my own publishing name - not Lulu. All my editorial and publishing services were done through Lulu however.  Question: Has anyone here had any dealings with Book-art press llc? or do you know of anyone who has entered into an agreement with them? Are they a scam?

Please help shed some light on this for me. thank you!


  • Hi, Carrie. Unfortunately Book-Art Press is a scam. Please see this blog post from Writer Beware, which goes into detail:
  • Thank you Victoria Strauss!!!  I just read your post and it is exactly what I just finished discovering yesterday after extensive back and forth on websites. I called BBB in NYC and they didn't have anything for Book-Art press but when I gave them the toll-free # from the email I received from BAP it came up as Window Press Club with a D+ rating for a complaint on sales/advertising. I googled the address also provided and it is a virtual office on Wall St. Wow, they do make it look great and I'm so thankful I did my homework and reached out to everyone on this site! I of course declined BAP's offer. Writer beware is right! I'm thankful for your answer and post on the Writer Beware Blog! It will help others for sure!
  • PS: I also looked at the books they had noted on their webpage and from what I can see they don't exist.  Thanks again.
  • If only everyone did their homework as thoroughly as you did, Carrie! Congratulations!
    Black Cat Studios
  • Thank you Ron! I'm very thankful :)
  • I wish I had done my homework.  I got an email from Book Art Press in November and unfortunately I paid the $3000, but declined their immediate pressuring for an additional $10,000 for a once in a lifetime opportunity to display my book at some nebulous convention.  Their pressuring was unbelieveable.  They said I had to make a decision in less than one day's time.  I am at least grateful I avoided that.  I haven't been able to reach anyone by phone or email and no one ever returns my messages. And I haven't seen any physical copy of my book let alone any indication that it was placed in bookstores.  From what I read, I realize I fell for a cleverly packaged non-existent service.  What an expensive lesson in my responsibility to check further and not be swayed by the flattery and praise.  Arrggghh!!! 
  • This is the bad side of self-publishing. It used to be even commoner because the likes of Lulu did not exist. "We will publish your book for (fill in here)". It was, and still is partly, called Vanity Publishing. People willing enough to pay to have their book 'published'. Often it just meant they got a box full to stack in their garage, and that was as far as the books ever got.

    The rule of thumb is that if any genuine publisher wishes to publish your book, they will do it at their expense. And it is quite unusual for one to approach an unknown writer.

  • The rule of thumb is that if any genuine publisher wishes to publish your book, they will do it at their expense. And it is quite unusual for one to approach an unknown writer.

    You are absolutely right.

    No legitimate publisher will ever ask for a single dime from an author. The same can be said for legitimate literary agents. If one ever asks for a fee to read your book, run.

    Black Cat Studios
  • Christofer I'm so sorry to hear that happened to you, but I'm glad that you "ran" from the pressure of putting up more money! 

  • DaveGDaveG Reader
    Thank you so much to the people who post their experience on this site.  I was just approached by Book-Art Press and their web-site does go out of its way to make them sound legit.  Although their email to me sounded a little "boiler-plate" and had some grammatical errors I wouldn't expect from a professional company.  Still, it didn't take much research to find this thread and I really appreciate it.  All the scams out there are really growing.  This is the third so-called company to reach out to me this year.
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