linked glossary

Hi people, I wish to add a glossary of certain terms used in my book that can be reached just by the reader tapping on the word in the text. Whether this is a glossary at the end of the book or simply pop-ups on the page I don't mind, the latter might be easier for the reader. Can anyone tell me whether if I do this in word with hyperlinks it will transfer directly to the Lulu platform or whether I need to do it within Lulu, if so how? Thank you in advance.


  • Hyperlinks added in Word should transfer over just fine to an EPUB or PDF ebook. Using Anchor links within the document should be fine too, though we often caution against this as there isn't a great way to return the reader to the previous location without them manually using the table of contents or a bookmark.
    The best thing to do is embed the links and run a conversion to test them.
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