Is it an NCX error or cover error?

Hi gang, 

As we all know, the eBooks formatting thing usually presents problems for people in the table of contents part. I followed all the steps in the guide, and I got the dreaded email from Lulu saying: "Your eBook has been rejected for missing, incomplete, inaccurate, unreadable Table of Contents". I've gone back through the file several times now and everything's legit to the instruction guide. I've run the eBook file through the ebook validator website and it didn't find problems with the file or the table of contents, but it did find a problem with the cover, which I don't understand: 

But the Lulu converter didn't find an issue with the cover. And yes the cover is an image uploaded via Lulu site. 

The *only* thing I can think of that's upsetting the table of contents e-gods is the title formatting, and this is where I'd like your help. My book is a poetry collection and some titles start with capitals, others lowercase, and a few begin with symbols (like . or #). What am I supposed to do to get the table of contents to be eBook-ready without having to outright change the titles to my poems?


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