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Should Ebook cover design be very professionally designed?

Darwin Horan

Darwin Horan  is now married, with four kids and lives at Douglas County, CO where he has performed and continues to play a strong role in County expansion and advancement.


  • oncewasoncewas Librarian

    I will probably be shot down in flames for saying this; although the obvious answer would seem to be yes, this is not always the case. Why pay $ 500 for a cover when you have no idea if you will even sell a dozen books? Great covers catch the eye, and help you sell books but ultimately it is about the quality of the writing. If that is missing great covers alone will not do the trick. Together with great writing - and a lot of other factors such as marketing, promotion and a good dollop of luck - great covers can lead to healthy sales

    Do the best you can, within your budget. If you start to sell well, and you want to achieve greater sales, that is the time to start splashing the cash on the cover; you can always change the cover any time you want to. However, with so many ebooks available at $0.99 ebook sales do not generate much money. To recoup $ 500 outlay you would need to sell 1429 books at $0.99, something not that many people achieve.

    If you don't want to design the cover yourself try a service like fiverr.

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