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Amazon converted my print book to Kindle without my permission. How?

I went to Amazon the other day to check reviews on one of my books and to my horror found a negative review that complained that the Kindle edition was unreadable. I was confused because I had never created a Kindle edition. But sure enough I saw Amazon was selling one for $0.99. 

I *never* authorized Amazon to turn my Lulu book into a Kindle. It is full of illustrations and weird formatting and I would never do that.

I am trying to figure out how this happened. Was there a setting somewhere that I selected that gave Amazon permission to do this? If so, how can I shut it off?

Details: the book is "Hermits and Anchorites of England" by Rotha Mary Clay, edited Phillip Campbell. It is signed up for globalREACH, which I thought might be the reason - however in reading the globalREACH guidelines/details, it says only that it makes the book available on Amazon on other channels, not that it lets them convert it into Kindle. 

Please help! How do I get this crappy Kindle edition of my book off of Amazon?


  • Firstly, I cannot see the ebook edition of this book on Kindle. Secondly, this is not your book; it is a work in the public domain so anyone can publish it is they so wish.

  • Just to verify what wildwind has already said, I doubled checked your account and the book in question is only published there as a print book. If you created and distributed an ebook, Amazon would convert the file to MOBI for use on the Kindle, but this still would not be an actual "Kindle Edition" it would just be listed as an ebook.
    The Kindle Edition appears to have been published by some one else.
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