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I found suggestions in various guides to upload images for calendars and photo books at 300dpi, with a 0.125" bleed on all sides. It also said it is best to upload CMYK, since they will be converted to that after upload anyways.

Is there a preferred color profile or printer profile I can use when creating the images (Photoshop CC) to be sure I am happy with the colors before uploading?

What file formats are acceptable? I prefer to use flattened Photoshop files (.psd) or TIFF (.tif). I can use JPEGs if required, but prefer the other formats.


  • I'm not very familiar with Photoshop, so I'm not sure what the best answer is regarding the color profile. But for the file type, I would use either JPG or PNG
  • I created the calendar and uploaded my images as CMYK, as described in one of the help pages I found on the site. The "print ready PDF" proof file the site created when I was done had the colors all wrong. The reds had become magenta, the blues were a bit greenish, the greens a bit yellowish, and greys were tinted a bit green. Other colors were much more saturated and vivid than the originals.

    So obviously I couldn't order the calendar based on that PDF, with the colors like that. I submitted a support ticket a couple of days ago (including a link to a picture that compares what I see in Photoshop of the originals compared to how they look in the PDF created by Lulu). But I have not heard back from support yet.

    I wonder if the info in the help file was wrong, and that I should have submitted RGB images instead of CMYK. What makes me think this is that in the "Calendar Creation Guide" it talks about using images from online sources such as Flickr, Photobucket, etc... The images on those sites are almost always RGB images. CMYK JPEGs often don't display correctly on the web, so those sites usually have standard JPEGs which are RGB. So this makes me wonder if I should have uploaded my images as RGB rather than CMYK. And if doing that would have resulted in my colors looking correct in the "print ready PDF" proof file.
  • I'll ask our support team to review your ticket as soon as possible so we can get this sorted out. I'm relatively sure we still use CMYK, but it is possible something has changed with our printer requirements and the guide needs updating.
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