Mixing themes in calendar

I am trying to create a calendar (first project here since joining). I want the top portion with the photos to be full images, full bleed (no frames/borders added by the theme). The only theme with that is "Modern". However the lower part of the calendar with the dates in that theme only shows vertical lines between the days and no horizontal lines marking the weeks.

Other themes, such as "Classic" show both horizontal and vertical lines for the dates, and that is what I want. But that and all other themes have an artificial border/frame around the photos rather than allowing my image to be full bleed over the entire top half.

How can I combine two themes? If I can't, why isn't there another theme allowing full bleed images at the top but having the standard calendar style box grid around the dates rather than just the "modern" one with only vertical lines?


  • Sadly, you can't.
  • And there's only that one theme that allows me to fill the pages with my own images, without having one of those silly borders/frames around them?
  • Yes, the modern theme is the only one that uses full page images without any borders
  • This is most unfortunate and non-customer friendly.  I also want to use full page images w/o borders up top, along with a lower calendar section that has both horizontal AND vertical lines.  Numerous friends of mine have stated that they love my custom calendars but hate the fact that the calendar section only has vertical lines (instead of the standard "boxed" dates).  I write software for a living and can't believe it is that hard for Lulu to allow users to choose their own lower calendar "style" (which should be completely unrelated to the upper photo "style" section).
  • I'm not terrible well versed in the technical end of it so you'll have to pardon any broad ignorance I might have about how this work. But we did attempt to integrate a new calendar and photo book tool a year ago. The software didn't function with our existing site infrastructure, which lead us to falling back on this existing program.
    I don't think the hold up is a matter of actually designing a new piece of software, it's designing one that properly works with our existing software and integrates with all of our printers so they can actually deliver on the products.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    A bit late, but nevermind. There are of course many on line places where one can construct calendars from uploaded photos, but few if any offer the options to sell them, as Lulu do. You could try here  https://www.zazzle.com/calendars  but they are far from cheap (what you see is the actual price without any personal profit added) and I have no idea how customisable their templates are, but I do think once created you can place them for sale on their site.
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