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Photo Book Guide (PDF)

What is a Layout?

Layouts (page layouts) consist of a preformatted background and picture frames into which you can drag and drop your images. Multiple layouts can be inserted into your photo book. Some layouts provide text boxes for copyright and author details, information about your work, or captions for your photos.

You can view and select different page layouts from the Layouts panel located to the left of the photo book creation window. Click on the desired layout to apply it to a page within your photo book.

Can I change the format of page numbers?

The page number font is based on the theme and it is not possible to change it without changing the entire theme.

What happens to my images if I change the page layout?

If your new layout has the same number of image frames, the images are placed into the new frames in the same order. If the new layout has fewer frames, the last image(s) are not added to the page. If the new layout has more frames, the images are placed in the same order, leaving the additional frames empty.

Add or Edit Text on a Page

Some of the photo book page layouts, displayed in the Layouts panel to the left of the creation window, include text fields into which you can add photo captions or other text.

To add text to your photo book page:
  1. Choose a layout that includes a caption box by clicking on the displayed options.
  2. Click in the box labeled Click to add text.
  3. Type or copy and paste your text into the field.
  4. Use the text editing options provided to choose your font, format, and text color.
  5. Click OK to save your text.

Change Page Layout

To change a page layout, click on the page you want to alter. A green outline will appear around the page to indicate it has been selected. Now click the new page layout you want to use. Your new layout will appear on the selected page.

Reorder Pages in your Photo Book

As you work on your photo book, you may decide to present your images in a different order. Rather than removing the images from one page and placing them on another page, you can simply reorder the pages in your photo book.

To change your book's page order:
  1. In the photo book creator window, click on the Arrange button in the menu bar.
  2. The Reorder Pages window opens displaying the pages of your photo book.
  3. Click on an image and while holding down the mouse button drag the image to a new position.
  4. Release the mouse button to drop the image into the new location.
  5. Click Save Changes to close the window and return to the photo book creation window.

Add or Delete Pages

Click on the plus (+) or minus (-) icon at the top of the window. To delete a page, click on the page, and then click the minus button. If you keep clicking the minus button the next page(s) will be deleted. If there are images on any of the deleted pages they will be reinserted into the Project Images window.

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