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Calendar Creation Guide (PDF)

Where is the hanging hole located on the calendar page?

Premium calendars have a hanging hole punched in the photo .625 inches from the top edge.

Standard calendars have a hanging hole punched in the photo .25 inches from the top edge.

Can I customize the back of my calendar?

The backs of Lulu calendars are not customizable.

How many months can I have in my calendar?

Your calendar can contain from six to 48 months.

Can I change the language displayed on my calendar?

Yes - Depending on your reasons for changing language, here are several options:

  • If your project is in draft, change your preferred locale / language in which you wish to create your calendar. The days and months will switch to the selected language.
  • If you have a multilingual family, create and publish your calendar in one language and place your order. Then switch to the locale / language and click the revise link displayed next to your calendar. The days and months will display in the selected language; however, any events you previously entered will remain in the original language. Publish and place your order for the revised calendars in the new language.
    • Note: Return to your preferred country store to purchase your revised calendar in your preferred currency.
  • If you wish to sell your calendar in multiple languages you must create and publish individual projects for each language selecting the locale / language for each project.

What is the orange triangle with the exclamation point?

Image dimensions are adjusted to fit the frame into which they are placed. Since Lulu does not modify the image itself, this stretching or shrinking forces the image resolution to change. The resolution becomes higher if an image is shrunk and lower if the image is stretched. If you place an image in a frame and its resolution drops below the recommended 300 dpi, an orange triangle with an exclamation point (!) displays on the picture. This indicates that the printed image will be coarse and pixilated, and you probably won't be happy with the result. Try placing the image in a smaller frame or zooming out of the image.

What is the blue check (tick) mark on my image thumbnail?

When you use an image in your calendar, we put a little check on it to help you remember that you have already used it.

There is also a Hide used images option at the bottom of the Project Images window.

Add or Edit Captions

Some of the calendar layouts, displayed in the Layouts panel to the left of the creation window, include text fields into which you can add captions for a month's image(s).

To add a caption:

  1. Choose a layout that includes a caption box by clicking on the displayed options.
  2. Click in the box labeled Click to add text.
  3. Type or copy and paste your text into the field.
  4. Use the text editing options provided to choose your font, format, and text color.
  5. Click OK to save the caption text.

To edit a caption:

  1. Click on the previously entered text.
  2. Edit the caption.
  3. Click OK to save your edits.

Add or Remove Events and Special Occasions

Calendars are not only useful in keeping up with the year, the season, month, and date, but they are also quite handy in reminding us of important events and special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and future milestones. 

Using the calendar creator, you can not only insert a list of commonly celebrated public holidays for your country or region, but you also customize your calendar by including those occasions special to you, your family, and your friends.

To add public holidays:

  1. Click the Events button in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Public Holidays tab and select from the listed countries to insert commonly celebrated holidays for the selected country. Note you may select as many countries as you would like.
  3. Click Apply events to your calendar to insert the selected countries' holidays into your calendar.


To add your personal occasions:

  1. Click the Events button in the menu bar at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Your Personal Events tab.
  3. Click the Add New button.
  4. Complete the Event field, select the date, and choose whether this event Repeats Every Year. If you designate an event as repeats yearly, it will be saved in your personal events list for use on other calendar projects.
  5. Repeat the above steps to enter all personal events or occasions.
  6. Click Apply events to your calendar to insert your entries into your calendar.

To remove an event:

  1. Click on the day.
  2. The events scheduled for that date are displayed.
  3. Deselect the public holiday or personal event.
  4. Click Update Your Events
  5. The deselected holiday or event is removed from your calendar.

Tip: You can further personalize your events by uploading photos of your loved ones or favorite holiday-specific images (recommended dimensions: 250 x 250 with resolution of 150 dpi). Once uploaded, you can drag your images from the Project Images panel and drop them onto the date.


What is a Layout?

Layouts are templates you can use to create, or layout, your calendar images.

The available layouts are displayed in the panel to the left of the calendar creation window. The available layouts allow you to select from single and multiple image displays. You may also select layouts that allow you to enter a caption to describe the image such as a date, location, or the names of people in the image.

Change a Month's Page Layout

When you initially create your calendar, all pages will be assigned the same page layout by default. You may choose to use the default layout, choose a different layout for your calendar, or select different layouts for each month. The choice is yours.

To select a page layout:  

  1. Select the month you wish to change by clicking the forward or back arrows in the creation window or next to the month field at the bottom of the creation window.
  2. Choose a new page layout from the options listed in the Layout panel displayed to the left of the creation window.
  3. The page will update to display your selected layout.

View a Different Month

You can work on your calendar starting from January and progressing straight through to December. Or, if you would rather, you can navigate directly to the month you wish to work on now.

To view a different month:

There are three methods for selecting a month view.

  1. To jump directly to a month, click on the thumbnail in the Months window at the bottom of the creation window.
  2. To move one page forward or back, click on the next or back button next to the month field displayed at the bottom of the creation window.
  3. To move to a different month, click on the back and forward buttons within the creation window.
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