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Calendar & Photo Book - Image FAQ

Paul_LuluPaul_Lulu Admin
edited April 2018 in Photo Books & Calendars

How do I add images to my calendar?

Click the Add Images button in the Project Images panel to select and upload images for your calendar. On the resulting pop-up window, there are several options for adding images to your calendar project.

  1. Upload - Upload files from your computer.
  2. My Lulu Files - Use images that you have already uploaded to Lulu.
  3. Online Photo Sites - Transfer images from websites like Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket or SmugMug.
  4. Fotolia - Browse the thousands of professional images available.

When you add images, they are displayed in the Project Images window on the right hand side of the screen. You can then simply drag and drop the images into your calendar layout.

What happens to images when I change a month's page layout?

If your new layout has the same number of frames, Lulu places the images into the new frames in the original order in which they were added to the page. If the new layout has fewer frames, Lulu removes the last image(s) from the page and reinserts it in the Project Images window. If the new layout has more frames, Lulu places the images in their original order, leaving the additional frames empty.

How do I stop an image from uploading?

Click the Cancel button below the image file list to stop the upload process. Select the checkbox for file name of the image you do not want to upload. Click the Remove button to remove the selected file from the upload list. Click the Upload button to restart the uploading process.

Click the Clear All button to remove all the files from the load list.

What does the green circle on my thumbnail image mean?

Lulu Studio™ places a green circle on the thumbnail to indicate that it is a licensed image. You will have to pay a fee if you use this image and have your calendar printed. The fee applies every time you put a licensed image in the book, even if you reuse the same image.

Add Images: My Lulu Files

You may also view and upload any image currently associated with a calendar, photo book, or cookbook project.

To add images from the My Files page:

  1. In the Project Images panel, click the Add Images button.
  2. Click the My Files tab in the resulting window.
  3. Thumbnails of your images and photos will be displayed.
  4. Click the Next or Previous buttons to navigate to the next or previous page of thumbnails.
  5. Click and drag the thumbnail image into the Project Images panel to the right of the thumbnail view to add an image to your project.
  6. Double click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the image.
  7. Click Add to Project Images to add the image to the project images panel.
  8. Click Back to Images to return to the page of thumbnails.
  9. Click Doneto upload the selected image(s) to your project.

Suggested Image Resolution Settings

In order to create a high quality printed product, we recommend that you upload images with resolutions of 150 dpi or higher. Image resolution can be adjusted using most image editing software programs. You can also use online services such as Convert Town to adjust image DPI.

Note: Image files greater than 10MB cannot be added to photo books or calendars.

Lulu adjusts image dimensions (and resolution) depending on the size of the frame into which you place your picture. For best results, you should crop or resize images to closely conform with the size and orientation of the frame layouts you intend to use in your calendar. For example, a picture oriented in a portrait format may not resize properly in a landscape oriented frame.

Please see, What is the orange triangle with an exclamation point? for more information.

Adjust Image Size or Orientation

For best results, you should crop or edit your images to match the approximate size and orientation of the intended image frames. To ensure high quality printing, images should be set to a resolution of 150 dpi or higher.

Note: Image files greater than 10MB cannot be added to photo books or calendars.

Once you have positioned your image in the layout image frame, you can make minor adjustments to the image by clicking on it. An image toolbox window opens allowing you to:

  • Move an image in its frame by clicking on the image and repositioning it in the frame.
  • Rotate an image.
  • Mirror an image.
  • Shrink or enlarge an image in its frame, by clicking the plus or minus magnifying glass, or moving the slider in between the two.

Click anywhere outside of the image to close the image toolbox.

Add Images to Your Calendar

Once you have uploaded the images you intend to use for your calendar, you only need to click on the thumbnail image and drag it to the frame in which you want the image to appear. Images can be dragged and dropped into both the image layout page and onto specific dates in your calendar.

The image will automatically resize proportionally to match the nearest appropriate dimension of the frame.

You can also click the Autofill button located at the bottom of the page, which will automatically insert an image into each month's layout frames until all of the images have been inserted. Note: If you delete an image from the middle of your calendar and then click autofill, the fill process will start with the first empty frame.

Are you seeing an orange triangle with an exclamation mark on your image?

Image dimensions are adjusted to fit the frame into which they are placed. Since Lulu does not modify the image itself, this stretching or shrinking forces the image resolution to change. The resolution becomes higher if an image is shrunk and lower if the image is stretched. If you place an image in a frame and its resolution drops below the recommended 150 dpi, an orange triangle with an exclamation point (!) displays on the picture. This indicates that the printed image will be coarse and pixilated, and you probably won't be happy with the result. Try placing the image in a smaller frame or zooming out of the image.

Add Images: Upload from My Computer

Depending on the theme selected for your calendar, you will most likely wish to add your own illustrations, pictures, or photos to personalize your work.

Once you have identified the pictures on your computer that you want to use, they must be uploaded for use in your project.

To upload images from your computer:

  1. From within the calendar creation wizard, click the Photos button on the menu bar or the Add Images button in the Project Images panel.
  2. Click Upload your images in the resulting window.

  3. Navigate to the folder in which your project photos are located.
  4. Select image files you wish to use for your calendar.
  5. Click the Open button to begin uploading the images files.

  6. If you selected multiple files, you can choose to wait or continue working as the files are uploading.
  7. If you choose to wait, an Add Your Photos window will display uploaded files along with a progress statement.
  8. When complete, click the Done button in the Add Photo window.
  9. Uploaded files are displayed in the Project Images panel on the right side of the page.

  10. To add more images, click the Add Images button in the Project Image panel and repeat the above process.
  11. To stop an image from uploading, click Cancel.
  12. To restart the upload, click Upload.

Troubleshoot Upload Errors

Error messages include the name of the file that could not be uploaded. Make a note of the image file name and try to upload it again.

To cancel and re-upload an image:

  1. Click the OK button to close the error message, returning to the upload images window.
  2. Click the Cancel button (below the upload indicator, at the bottom of the file list) to stop the failed upload.
  3. You can either clear all of the files from the list using the Clear all button, or remove one or more files by selecting the files and clicking the Remove button.
  4. Click the Upload button, which replaces the cancel button described above, to begin uploading the next file.

Add Images: Online Photo Sites

You may use an online photo site to store, organize, and share your photos. If you use Flickr, Photobucket, or SmugMug, you can import you images from these sites directly into your calendar project.

To add images from an online photo site:

  1. In the Project Images panel, click the Add Images button.
  2. Select the photo site tab in the Add your images window.
  3. A pop-up window will display with instructions for authorizing Lulu to access photos stored on the selected site.
  4. Once authorized, you will see your online photo collection.
  5. You may select individual photos or entire albums by dragging and dropping your selections into the Project Images pane.

Move an Image into a Different Frame

While editing your calendar, you may move images between layout frames and calendar dates.

To move an image:

  1. Click on the image within the layout frame or calendar grid.
  2. Drag the image into another frame or calendar date.

Note: If there is an image already in the destination frame or date, the images will automatically swap frames.

Remove an Image

There may be times when you wish to remove an image from your project.

To remove an image from your project:

  1. In the Project Images panel, pass your mouse pointer over the image thumbnail.
  2. Click on the red X in the upper right corner of the image.
  3. Verify you want to remove the image from the project.

Note: All instances of the image will be removed from the project, including any layout frames or dates into which you have previously placed the image in your calendar.

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