Files Ready but no link to actually put my calendar online.

I uploaded files, placed them in a template, clicked publish, and got an email saying Lulu finished making a print-ready file for my calendar. 

When I click on the link in the email, or in My Projects, the only option is to Revise or Delete. 

How do I set the price, add a description and keywords, and actually get the calendar showing on 


  • It looks like the calendar published correctly. The wizard should walk you through the description and pricing after the print ready is complete, so I'm not exactly sure what happened there.
    You can edit all that information by click on the calendar title from your My Projects page. And you can click "View/Buy" to see the Lulu bookstore page for your calendar
  • Thank you, Paul_Lulu. I did finally get it to work. Still waiting to receive the calendars that I ordered on December 1. I hope my customer orders get a little quicker turnaround and delivery. 
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