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Hello, Writers!


I have just published my first book, and have so very much to learn. Today's question: Even though the book is now available on Amazon, even Amazon UK, I am waiting to see it appear on Book Depository before publishing a blog post alerting people about where they can get it. (Trying not to drive 'em crazy with excessive self-aggrandizing emails...) Does that happen in the global distribution phase automatically? Or do I need to request it? (I live in Israel; and for my friends here, Book Depository is the most user-friendly shipping service, if we don't have friends and family visiting from the States.)


Thanks for any wisdom you can impart -- and may you be successful and happy with your own projects!


Ruti Eastman (brand-spanking-new author of From Big Whine to Big Grapes: A collection of essays on aliyah and life in Israel, as seen through rosé-filled glasses)


  • Write to Book Depository using their email, not the contact form. Send them your book cover (high res), ISBN, description, publisher name, page count, book dimensions.  They are quick in responding


    Should you feel like not doing the above, wait a week. They will fetch the book from Amazon.


    Be very very nice when you write to them.


    Good luck.

     A citizen of the world.

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