Not really a problem as such, just curious

Hi folks


I have some books up for free. I see when I look at my download history that some people download more than one at a time. For instance they may download 6. Why question is why would they download more than one? It does not seem to make sense.


edit: Why would one person download 6? One would be enough I thought.  





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  • How do you know that one person downloaded more than one copy? We are not given any information that identifies the purchaser. It may be that six people in the USA, UK or wherever downloaded your book on the same day.


    One thing you are forgetting is that many people have more than one reading device. Someone might start off reading a book on their desktop then switch to reading it on their ereader, and later still switch to reading it on their phone. If this was a paid book you would see two sales with no value. This is because the reader does not have to repurchase a book just because they want to read it on a different device.

  • That makes sense. 

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