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Hello LuLu Community,


I am new to LuLu and the self-publishing world. I have read many reviews and they all suggest that LuLu is the best way to go for my publishing needs. My question to the group, which I am sure you have answered a million times is this, I will be speaking at an event on the 5th of December, my illustrator is putting the finishing touches on my book.


Question: What is the drop-dead date to submit to my book to LuLu, printed and delivered to the conference site?


Note: I called a LuLu representative on Saturday who was unkind, and I was ready to go elsewhere but a friend suggested that I reach out to the community and one bad apple should not ruin my experience.


Thank you all so much and I look forward to hearing back soon. Any suggestions would be helpful. 





  • There is no one specific answer. It all depends on where you live, where the printers are and what their schedules are like (probably busy at this time of year).


    The usual process is you upload your book, order a print copy and if everything looks fine you release the book for sale at which point you order the books you need for your event. It would be too risky to order them at the proof stage just in case there is anything wrong with the book.


    I would suggest that you err on the side of caution and upload your book as soon as possible, but no later than November 15.

  • Hi JT,

    First I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience on the phone, though I suspect you may not have reached us. We only have open phone lines Monday - Friday. And our support staff are generally very helpful and happy to answer questions. Particularly a timing question of this sort is one we hear often.

    Regarding the question of timing, we ask for 3-5 business days to print, and if you're shipping within the continental USA you are probably looking at another 3-4 business days for the least expensive shipping options. We do offer two and next day shipping, but the print times are unchanged.

    I like to suggest two weeks for printing and delivery, to be conservative.

    I would also strongly encourage getting a single copy printed and shipped to review as soon as possible.

    For a Dec 5 event, I would try to order by November 15, as Brambles suggests, which is well in advance but allows for the Thanksgiving holiday. With faster shipping, you could order as late as Nov 22 and still be in good shape, but the shipping cost would be higher. You can also reach out to us 8 AM - 5 PM at 844-212-0689 to talk to a rep and place the order if you need.


    Thank you sooooo much for your quick response and advice, your information was super helpful.



    Thank you also for the additional information and the apology, it is appreciated. I look forward to working with Lulu on my first and hopefully all my books.


    I'm now less stressed and looking forward to the process.


    Thank you again to both of you!



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