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Help! I am trying to make my book and when i upload my PDF, it keeps saying the image in my book is low resolution. The image is my drawing that I scanned on the printer to the computer.. I don't know how to make it a better resolution. I used printer scanner to change the DPI to 600 but Lulu still says it's low resolution. Can i just leave the photo or will it look bad in a book? it's not a crazy detailed photo, it's just a scibble with sharpie on white paper. 



When i put the document on lulu, the preview of the drawings on the book look fine. So if it looks fine on the preview will it look that same way in printed book form? If so i'll just leave it that resolution


  • A book I published at Lulu in 2015 has a simple B/W graphic and there was no mention of low resolution then. When I revised it a couple of months ago (text changes only) it gave me the low-res warning;. However the printed product looks fine and appears identical to the earlier revision. I know there have been some system changes at Lulu in recent months.


    Print one and see, is my vote. Smiley Happy


  • Sometimes you can ignore the low resolution warnings; for example if you are using a Clip Art squiggle to separate two paragraphs you will be told that it is low resolution but that won't matter.


    Photos and illustrations need to be 300 dpi. Resize the jpeg that comes out of your scanner so that it is 300 dpi. For example, if you are making a 6 x 9 book with one inch margins the working space is 4 x 7 and if you want your picture to take up the full page you have to have it set to 1200 x 2100 pixels for it to print at 300 dots per inch in a 4 x 7 inch space.

  • so can i not use 600 dpi photos?

  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    You should be able to as long as the image[s] fit[s] the page size.

    htkim wrote:

    so can i not use 600 dpi photos?


  • 300 dpi is the minimum we recommend. Remember too that an image cannot have a higher resolution than it was originally created at, so increasing the dpi in photoshop (or other software) may not actually change the resolution.
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