How much does it cost to purchase a proof copy? I plan to publish a book soon. About 105 pages, premium paperback, perfect bound. That option says its $6.05, and the 105 pages says $6.20 ($6.20 for 105 pages??). So is that just $12.25? What about shipping? I'm in Canada. 


Also how come buying black and white on white gives me US letter option (21.59 x 27.94) but black and white on cream is US trade (15.24 x 22.86)?


  • It would cost you 6.20 Canadian Dollars plus shipping to buy a proof.

    If I were you I would make your book in the US store. It only costs US $ 3.35

    which, at today's exchange rate, should be 4.19 Canadian Dollars.



  • thank you for the help brambles, but i'm a bit confused on what you mean by making my book in the US store. 

  • Simply log in to Lulu and then click on Shop. Now look in the top right hand section of the screen where you will see a flag; you can change the store you shop in here. Once you are in the US store click on Create and the proceed as normal.

  • Great Smiley Happy thank you for the help. May I ask where you pulled those numbers from to determine the costs? Cause I thought I’d have to pay the $12 because the price of the paperback book itself and then the 105 pages. And do you know how much shipping generally is?
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