Case Wrap colour books

First of all, many thanks for the replies to my earlier question regarding my hardback book project. Result - it will be a hardback, 240 pages of text but no images - just a trio of diagrams in black and white as the appendix. The only colour will be the dust jacket.

It'll be fine in that format.


I know the viability of hardback books has been questioned but that's okay - I'm looking at a sale price of about £24.99 (UK) which is the general price here for books of this type and subject.

Will it sell? I'm not looking to make a fortune (I know I won't) but the book does have a specific aim and an equally specific market, so I hope it will go at least some way towards that. If it does, then I'm happy.

So thanks to all for your help.


Now - those missing images; I'm considering (only considering) a book of images, most of which will be in colour, so I was wondering if there is a case wrap paperback or similar.

Not being from the USA, as I've looked through everything some of the terms used are (to a Brit) a little ambiguous.

There are plenty of hardback and paperback case wraps to be found, but what I'm thinking here is some 150-200 pages, the book composed entirely of photographs with only supporting text. This idea could be either paperback or case wrap or hardback

I'd *like* (if I can) to make this a larger size, so any input would be gratefully recieved



  • I believe that your colour options are limited to the following:


    20.99 cm x 29.7 cm paperback (can only be sold on Lulu)

    21.59 x 21.59 paperback

    20.95 x 27.3 hardback

    15.24 x 22.86 hardback

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