Noobie in desperate help!

Hi there, I have never written or published a book before and I am currently struggling. I'm an artist and i do poetry, so i've been working on a poem book to publish on Lulu. The problem is that, I want to add my drawings on the book, one on every page on the front and back cover. But i do not know how to do this properly. I do art on paper, I don't know how to do digital art or where to even do it. So far what I've got is that I downloaded a random doodle app on my iphone, drew a picture, saved it and pasted it on my Google documents. I'm worried that the resolution is not good enough because thats what Lulu is saying when I upload the PDF, and also the paper of my book will be white.. and so is the background of my drawings, but I'm worried that the background of my picture will be a different kind of white and when the book comes, it'll show the picture with a white square backround behind it. Someone please help me. I've attached one of the pages so you can understand what's going on. 

Do you think the white background of the image will show on the book or will it blend with the white of the paper? and is the resolution too bad for a book?


  • All print illustrations need to be at 300 dots per inch. So, for example, if your picture is 2 inches wide by 3 inches long then it needs to be a minimum of 600 pixels x 900 pixels. You could make a black border around your pictures so that it is obvious that they have been put on the page no matter what shades are shown on the page and in the picture.


    May I just say that in my opinion these doodles are a detraction. Personally, I would not include them. The poem should ideally speak on its own; any artwork should enhance, rather than detract from, the poetry. You say that you are an artist: could you not scan some of your artwork and use that?

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