Lulu's Mis-representaion on

To my fellow authors/ publishers.


In the event you, as I have, elect to allow Lulu to upload you manuscript to, DON'T!


Lulu promo states they upload 20% for viewers. In truth the whole manuscript is uploaded. Google does not dismiss, thereby presenting what is submitted, which in Lulu's case, is the entire manuscript. Thus, you do not receive the royalties from someone who can simply read or down load it free.


In my impotent attempts to reach out to Lulu for assistance in retracting these, the rep who was assigned my work request, failed to read the 4 sentence query. To date, all my works remain open and available for free.


Please do not allow them to upload, you can do this yourself, via Google, and submit what % amount you choose.


  • Hi Shooster,

    Sorry if there is some confusion about how Google Books works. Allow me to try to clarify for you.

    Google Books displays any portion of the book they wish, total up to 20% of the interior pages. We do not specify the amount displayed, and to my understanding, submitting yourself does not change the amount Google is allowed to display, regardless of the requested percent.

    If you would like to learn more, we have a FAQ here -

    And of course, you can always request support remove your book from Google Book search.
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