Weight of interior paper

I have just published my third book with Lulu and have received the proof copy.


The weight of the interior paper is stated as 60gms - the same as volumes one and two - but the paper is noticeably thinner.


If you hold all three books together then this new one is much thinner, despite all of them having the same number of pages.


Can anyone shed any light on this mystery?  Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Sally,

    I would contact our support team and send them an image or two to relate the discrepancy.


  • Thank you Paul.


    I have contacted Customer Support and will send a photo of the thickness of my first two books in comparison to this third one. 


    I have ordered 30 of the books for a promotional launch and these may well be wasted now. 

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    To compare the three books (A, B and C), weigh each of them, and divide each weight by the number of pages (a, b, and c). You needn't do these divisions if the three books have the same number pages.

    If the weight of the paper has not changed, you should have A/a = B/b = C/c or A = B = C. If this equality is not verified, then the paper is not the same.


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