Size of the hard cover for a 6 x 9 inch book

I am publishing a 6 x 9 inch hard cover, with a paper cover. Now looking at hard cover books, the front and back hard cover is slightly larger than the inside pages, which are 6 x 9 inches. I need to know the size of the cover, so that I can order the paper cover to be slightly larger than 6 x 9 inches. Is this correct? If so what is the required size of the paper cover?


The book has 180 pages. It would be really helpful if not only the front and back sizes are defined, but the spine and the front and back tabs sizes can be defined also.


Many thanks.


  • You will be given the exact cover dimensions when you reach the cover stage, and it will vary depending on whether you choose Casewrap or Dustjacket. Start a hardcover project and follow the steps. Come back if you get stuck.

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