Discount pricing on ebooks not possible?

Hello, I am writing to ask if it is possible to set a DISCOUNT price on PDF ebooks sold here on


The only information I found on this issue was this article, which is very old and not accurate as the option and software discount button is no longer availaible ( and a a 2012 post about the same topic with no clear answer and it seems no response from lulu.


Basicall I want to put some of my PDF eBooks on sale at 30% discount, from $10 to $8, and have that done via the software for a specified time, like you can do with all the other ebookstores.




  • You can just set the price at whatever you wish. I have some of my books up for free as ebooks.

  • Yes, I see that thanks. 



    I was hoping to be able to set a sale price through the system and have it aitomatically take the item off sale at the designated time. Also, for many people there is a proven psychological stimulus to getting something "on sale" as opposed to just the price they see. People like a bargain, so you want to show them you are getting one.


    Bummer that we can't set "sales/discount" prices here on Lulu.



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