MS Word 2007 Not Converting to PDF

When I try to save a DOCX file as a PDF it tells me that another user (who doesn't exist) or another program (which is not identified) has a lock on the file and it can't save it, though it will save as any other file type. Yes, I have installed the MS "SavePDF" extention though that had no effect. The MS help center's advise is no help.


Has anyone conquered this issue before? What's the trick? Fortunately, my machine at my workplace will do the conversions, but is inconvenient to use my employer's equipment for this. Help please?


  • Download and install doPDF. It is free and works perfectly.

  • Thank you, Brambles. I took your advice and installed doPDF with the MS Office extension and it is indeed very slick how it will add its own tab to Word's menu bar. It works great, though its configurability is less than Word's (when it works). 


    What chaps my hide is that I paid the king's ransom to MS for their vaunted product and it doesn't work. Smiley Sad


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