Page numbers disappear

So, here's the dilemma-  I uploaded my manuscript from MS Word, complete with page numbers and headers.  Last time, it uploaded fine and printed well, with minor mistakes.  This time, I made minor changes to the manuscript, uploaded with no issue.   The print ready file looked fine.  BUT, now the preview file shows no page numbers nor headers, even though my MS Word file is showing numbers and headers.  I just placed the order for the proof copy, and now I'm worried I've paid for another mistake-filled book.  Are my page numbers and headers cut off?  or is the preview file wrong?


  • Download the PDF lulu created and check it. Click on Project title, scroll to bottom and download. If they are in PDF they are in book. If not, then you need to revise.


    Always upload your own PDF. Use free software DoPDF to create PDF.


    Good luck.

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