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I am trying to produce an ebook with photographs on nearly every page. I work on Mac and export to Word so that it is acceptable to Lulu. Except it keeps telling me I have hidden text boxes. On Mac I have aligned the photos to text and made them the coorect size for Lulu but I can't find where those supposed boxes are. The solution Lulu gave only works with Word and not with Mac Pages. Any ideas anyone?


  • Hi Ann,

    I looked at your file and I see a few problems that will hinder ebook creation here:


    • The Heading Styles are not properly set. Viewing the file in Word I do not see any Heading Styles applied.
    • The title is not on the first line of the first page. The title must be the very first line of text on the first page, must match the title you entered on the title step, and must be in Heading 1.
    • Text boxes are in use for captions. The first instance I found was on page 9 of the document with the text "Grandma Jane and Me" in the text box.
    • Images are not inserted in-line. You have text wrapping on the images, which is fine for a print book with a static page size, but for an ebook the pages must be able to resize to match the device size they are being viewed on. As such, all images should be inserted in-line with text.

    For the text box issue, I recommend editing the images so the caption is part of the image.


    I also strongly advise moving away from Pages, as the export option to .docx does not preserve formatting well and tends to lead to the problems you're experiencing.

  • Thanks for your assistance. I have published on Lulu before so would I be better with it as a paperback which was my original intention? And would I have to start all over again or is there a simplet way?

  • Luckily with print, all you need to do is export to PDF. Pages is generally fine for this, and worst case the PDF file may need to be distilled to clean it up.
    For an ebook, it can be done, it's just a little trickier and requires more formatting.

  • Has your problem been resolved?

  • Not for ebooks but I'm working on a paperback version at the moment and will get on to an ebook later.

    iranwinco wrote:

    Has your problem been resolved?


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