Forum post has disappeared

This morning, I posted a question about metadata in the ebook forum. I asked if (after 2 rejections) my most recent changes to my document might at last be correct (as Lulu's info on the subject is not exactly all encompassing.) I also asked how to check the metadata on the downloaded cover as that possibly  seems to be the problem which is causing the rejection.

I checked the post before I went to work, and it had had several views but no reply.
I've just logged in at lunchtime and the post is gone. It's not even in my list of recent posts in my profile info.

I've had no email to say it's been removed and I can't think of any rule I might have broken.

I've read the TOS and guidelines, and others have asked similar questions before (none exactly the same, and none received an answer which would help in my specific question.)

I am puzzled. I don't want to ask again without knowing why it's been removed, in case there is now some rule against asking about metadata. If it was removed by a moderator, could you please contact me to let me know why?

Thank you.

ps I apologise if asking about it in a forum post is also breaking a rule, but I don't know any other way to enquire.


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