Metadata and the cover question

Why can't lulu just do a good tutorial in plain English?  OK, that's not actually my question because the answer is obvious.

So...on to the question.

I've just sent my book back on it's second revision, hoping that the metadata mismatch is solved this time, and just found a blog, the conents of which suggest that I may never be able to match it.

My cover is a ready made bitmap with the title and author already included on the image in the correct font. Because of this, I left the title and author fields blank in the cover wizard because I don't want the title on there twice, (once in the wrong font.)

My cover has the title - Falling Shadows -  with the subtitle - Guardians of Reyth Volume 1 -  beneath it.
The metadata on the docx reads Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1  for the title and Joan Lightning for the author.
Page 1 of the docx has Falling Shadows in Heading 1 with the subtitle beneath in ordinary text.

If I add that title and author to the metadata in the cover image and upload it, will that do the trick?
Or is the Lulu cover wizard going to overwrite the info with the blank fields when I leave title and author blank in the wizard?

And yes, I've read what information I can find.
The links in Lulu's emails to tutorials are all broken, and most of those tutorials (when I corrected the links) are to useless Youtube videos. (Has no-one at Lulu heard of subtitles for the hearing impaired? Perhaps they imagine that only those with full hearing want to write books.)

Have I got it right this time? If not, please, what exactly do I need to change?

Thank you.


edit - I've uploaded the new cover (with its metadata) and this time I spotted the field (in the text tab on the ebook cover wizard) to show text on cover (or not show it,) so I have put the title and author there (Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1  Joan Lightning.)

Is it right this time?

Is there a way to check the metadata on the cover that they generate? I can't find any on the pdf that I downloaded. I opened it in pdf viewer and checked properties but they're blank.


  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    You need to disable the title and author on lulu/text when you upload because they are already on the cover.


    This is a problem Falling Shadows in Heading 1 with the subtitle beneath in ordinary text.


    Use a manual line break to separate title and subtitles. Make them all H1


    You can download Sigila and under Tools, check what it says for your Metadata.


    I'd be happy to have a look for you if you attach it to this post.


    Your title: Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1

    Author: Joan Lightning

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  • What's Sigila? I had a quick Google, but found nothing.

    Thanks for your coment on my cover on the other thread -  that was a joint effort. I got a Fiverr artist to design something (took her 3 attempts as she had trouble remembering that the heroine is dark-skinned.) The eventual design is similar to the end result except it was black and white. I added colour and the magical effects (Corel ParticleShop is amazing) while getting advice in a FB group on fonts and what effects worked.

    Now, just to be sure that I understand:-
    are you saying that I need to put my title, on page 1, no line before it, using Style Heading 1 and it must read Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1
    must I put Falling Shadows on the first line, using Heading 1, and put Guardians of Reyth Volume 1 on the second line, also Heading 1?
    Won't the latter mess up the list of contents that the wizard creates from my section headings?


    Thanks for the offer.

    I've attached the cover pdf that I downloaded.
    It SHOULD have metadata but I can't find it.
    Before uploading the jpg, I right clicked on it in Windows File Explorer, selected properties, and added the title and author there.
    When I uploaded it to the cover wizard, I typed in the title (with the subtitle after a colon) and my author name, and I deselected the 'show on cover' field.


    Thanks again.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    The cover does not need metadata. Only the epub interior.


    Sigil. Not Siigila. Sorry -- typo.


    Show me your epub or download Sigil and check metadata.

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  • The first line of the email reads "* The information you entered in the title/author metadata does not match exactly the cover of the book. Please revise your title/author metadata so that they match, with the same first, middle and last names or initials, and designations."

    I checked the metadata in Sigil (thanks for the tip about that program):
    Title reads Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1

    Author reads Joan Lightning


    They already match the words on the cover (which you can see in my sig) I can't see anything that doesn't match.


    I DID have to correct the first line of the title page. That now reads Falling Shadows: Guardians of Reyth Volume 1  and its style is heading 1.


    I've reuploaded everything and crossed myfingers and toes.


    Thanks for the offer. I'd like to try to learn to sort it out myself if possible.

  • Based on what I'm seeing, the title and author appear matching on the cover image. From the rejection information, it looks like the "volume 1" was missing from some piece of metadata.
    You should be fine now, but if it does reject again, let us know and I'll ask our distribution team to provide further details.
  • Thank you

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