Unable to upload a Word document

Please help -

I cannot upload my file due to the following errors

rror: Text boxes were found in the document and must be removed.

Fix: Each text box must be removed from your document. Important text should be removed from the text box and added to the relevant section of the manuscript.


NOTE: You can also use specialized styles or create images to achieve a similar look. This error message may also display if your manuscript included headers or footers with page numbers since MS Word uses text boxes to display page numbers. So, when you remove your headers and footers, be sure to also remove page numbers. For additional information see: Find and Remove Text Boxes from Your Microsoft Word Manuscript.


Error: Hmmm, we tried to convert your file to an EPUB for you as you requested, but we experienced some issues.

Fix:     99.99% of the time this error message is generated when Heading styles are not applied sequentially. For example, your title is Heading 1, but your Copyright page is set to Heading 3. Confirm your headings are applied properly and re-upload your file.


However, I have fixed them, please help.



  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Highlight one H3, select all with similar formatting and click on the Style H3. This means you will have only H1 and H2 in your document.


    Also check that you have no H2 before H1.


    Let us know if you get another notification.

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