Book Preview Not Working Properly

The book preview facility is not working properly for one of my books


Somebody has suggested it might be a problem with my browser, or a flash issue, but I see lots of words missing and some of the formatting is messed up. I am on Google Chrome.


This is frustrating, as I know that a lot of people use the look inside facility, especially on Amazon, when deciding on whether to make a purchase


The book is here


click on the small preview word below the front cover of the book to see what I mean


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    I can't see the preview as it uses an older version of Flash than I have on my computer and I am not prepared to compromise the security of my computer by using a version of Flash which is known to have security issues.


    However, the preview on Lulu is simply the first 11 pages, or so, of the book unlike the one on Amazon which can be different from that. Have you tried looking at the preview in a different browser? If it is still looks messed up the next question would be did your proof copy look exactly the same as the PDF that you submitted to Lulu?

  • Yeah - I have tried it in Internet Explorer and it does not work either

    There are no issues with either the proof copy or the PDF - they are both perfectly fine. This seems to be a flash conversion problem. 

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    If you mean Adobe Flash Player, yes several people have reported issues with it since the beginning of August in some chatrooms with webcams. Users can see the portal, but the video and the chat do no work.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    This is the screen capture of p. 9 of your preview. Are the dotted lines the issue?


  • potetjppotetjp Professor

    By comparison, here is the preview of a book of mine (Tagalog Borrowings and Cognates). As you can see, it is satisfactory.


    TBC-Lulu preview-b.jpg

  • ^yes, as you can see, it has added all sorts of random artifacts and left lots of other things off the page

  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    Yes, this is abnormal.
  • I would reach out to support. That's very odd and I suspect it may not be entirely the result of flash player.
  • thanks - I have contacted support

  • I cannot get the wizard to CREATE a preview for my book. It says its doing it and then it just will not SAVE AND CONTINUE. It just stalls. The page will not refresh or load. So then when i go back to reviewing my book in REVISE mode I have no preview.


    I have tried 3 browsers, and DIY preview and standard just to see.


    No results.



  • If the preview is not loading at all, it most likely is creating a file too large. The preview file size has some restrictions surrounding file size.

    I'd check with support, they may be able to help figure out why the file isn't generating
  • Cheers, I will try support. I'm only typing to create a preview of 5 pages, and it has worked on all my other similar books.



  • Posting my first book at Lulu.
    What is a preview?
  • HI Subron,

    A preview allows potential readers to view a portion of the interior of your book, usually about 10 pages.

    Once you've finished publishing, click the book title from your My Projects page and you'll see an option to set up a preview. With the preview in place, a link below the book's cover image will appear when someone views your book in the book store.
  • Wow! I wish I had known / understood about the Preview option two years ago.
    Anyway, I just now set up the preview for Castle's Keeper and it works fine at the default 10-page setting. I downloaded the latest Adobe Flash player (had to re-start my browser afterward) and the preview looks fine using Mozilla Firefox (slightly down-rev version) as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.
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