One Piece Cover 8.5 x 8.5 square book



Wanting to make a one piece wrap around cover for an 8.5 x 8.5 book


This is what Ive figured out so far:


Bleed + back cover + spine + front cover + bleed


8.5 x 8.5"

21.59 x 21.59 cm


17.25" + spine x 8.75"

43.80 cm + spine x 22.22 cm


Spine Width: 0.203cm

Cover Size: 44.01 x 22.222222cm

Spine Begins: 21.904762cm


My questions are:

What pixels do I need to do my images in for the cover?

Is the lulu one piece cover wizard something that is part of the process when you start to make the book? I havent been able to figure this out? Can you make a one piece wrap around cover with this program? Or is it better to just make your own pdf using photoshop? Dont actually have photoshop...


Basically what is the best/easiest way for the cover to be made?


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    I use the old-fashioned way. I upload my interior PDF, use the old cover designer at the cover stage, make back and front colour using lulu's images so as to keep the spine distinct, download the cover they gave me and use it as a template. I reupload after I replace with my own front back and spine (using any photo editing software).


    However, yes, you can add 8.5+8.5 + bleed + spine. There is a spine calculator you can use. You will get a preview at the very end, and you will get a chance to see the book in print before you approve for distribution. Make sure your book is at least 32 pages.



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  • The One-Piece option is on the cover step while making your book on Lulu. Because this option requires a prepared interior file (to get the spine measurement) we can't give you cover specs until the interior is uploaded and accepted.

    Once you have the interior done, if you move on to the cover step, you can select the one-piece upload option and we'll provide the exact dimensions for your cover file. The resolution should be 300 ppi for any image meant for print, including your cover.

    My advice would be to get the interior uploaded and get the measurements for the cover, then build it from this information. Our software does provide a cover tool you can use to make the cover with Lulu, but this tool uses templates and is more limited. If you plan to make your own cover, photoshop is ideal, but software like InDesign works as well.

    EM_Press advises about a great work around for getting a template with the spine positioned and sized correctly. We hope to offer a simpler template solution soon - basically the same as she is doing with far fewer steps. But that option isn't in place just yet.

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    That would be wonderful, Paul. One where you could click on the size before you start, enter paper type (cream or white), bleed or no bleed,  page count, and just download the template. Thank you.

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  • That seems great, i love the anime in fact!
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