Need clarification on Headings

My ebook document is all in one file at this time. I have each chapter heading as Heading 1. I had thought to make a separate file for the Title Page and Copyright Page.


Two questions:


1. If I have a different file for the Title page, do I use Heading 1? And if so, can I change the font size without it affecting the contents file?


2, Should I put in all in the one file and add the Title and Copyright before the contents? Then I would need to change the Title to Heading 1, the chapter headings to Heading 2, etc., yes?


Thanks for your help.



  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    It's all simpler than it sounds.


    Put everything in one word document, make the title heading one as well and make sure it's on the very first line. It must be the same size as all other heading ones as they all have the same predecided attributes. They are all heading one.


    Remove table of contents. It will be generated automatically from your headings. If you absolutely want one, generate an html toc using Sigil. If you need instructions on how to do this let us know.

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  • Very clear! Thanks so much.
  • I have another question regarding the Title page.


    I wanted to make the Title page look like our printed book cover, which has a picture with title and author included in the picture.


    Am I able to use that picture, which would not include a Heading 1? Or how do I insert a picture that is larger than the recommended size in the Creator Guide book? 


    Thank you.

  • So, you'll still need an H1 text matching the title as the first line. You can use the cover on the title page, and the size mentioned in the guide - 500x500 pixels at 72dpi - is not a requirement, but a recommendation. Just stay as close to it as possible.
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