Cover Element

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Well, as it turns out I was able to get my old backup box upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04.2, and the Blender software finally works albeit excruciatingly slowly (9 hours for a render as opposed to half an hour).


At any rate, this cover element is for a very different book series. A Sublabe (Subhuman Laborer) female genetically engineered to stick out in a crowd of normal humans. I'll upload another element (Subani female) in the morning after my decrepit desktop has a chance to render the image.


I realize I'll have a lot of work to do once my 64-bit box returns in four to six weeks. Qualifiers aside, does the element concept appear halfway believable as a genetically engineered or re-engineered human (apart from Lousy Book Cover standards)?


I know it isn't great, just a concept to copy over to my better computer once I get it back.


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