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Who needs artwork?

Hi, Im Eugene and I`m an artist.

I ususally specialise on comic-like style of drawing so if your book is for children I`m looking forward to it.

If you looking for new cover for your book or pictures for specific moments in your book, contact me and we will discuise details. I am not going crazy with the price.


Contact me by gmail: [email protected]

More examples in my DeviantArt:



  • You have a decent skill level and a certain amount of style.


    Not looking for art at the moment, though.

  • Em_PressEm_Press Professor

    Eugene, post an easier way to contact you and your prices. Or say something like "they're super low."


    Good luck.

     A citizen of the world.

  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor

    Very good work! Congratulations!


    "Arina" and "Make it as an artist" are especially well-done and professional-looking.


    I am a little less enthusiastic about the anime/manga-influenced pieces, largely because pretty much everyone on the planet is emulating that style and---frankly---it is not only all too common it is rarely appropriate. I'd focus on developing your own, entirely original style. Think of it this way: let's say someone wants a book cover that is in the anime style. There are hundreds of artists they can choose from, with little to differentiate between them. On the other hand, if you have an original style and approach you will stand out in the crowd.

    Black Cat Studios
  • Oh, thank you. What a compliment.
    Hehe, I will try to do my best and hopefully my skills are gonna be useful.
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