eBooks in German: Distribution to Amazon etc. possible?

The current "Lulu eBook Creator Guide", version 1.4e of 2014, states this on page 8:


"Language: Though we hope to be able to accept additional languages in the future, we now only accept content for retail distribution in English."


Is this still true in 2017? Specifically, I am planning to publish a book German in March 2018 (paperback and eBook). Any chances I might be able to publish it as eBook via Lulu?


(I am asking here because I could not find any relatively recent answers to this question.)


  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    You will only be able to sell your ebook on Lulu and will not be able to distribute it to Nook, Kindle, etc.

  • Thanks, I see. Too bad, though, but I guess the reasons are probably not much related to Lulu, if at all.


    So, I guess what most authors do is create in addition also accounts at Kindle Direct Publishing and Nook Books to make their books also (easily) available on Kindle and Nook devices (and maybe similar for other devices). A bit of a nuisance, but seems feasible.


    I will tag the previous answer as accepted solution in a few days if no miracle happens... Smiley Wink

  • Papi_SoñolientoPapi_Soñoliento Southern Escarpment Hill Country Teacher

    I have a KDP account. It allows me to control which Amazon platforms my work will or won't appear on. For example I don't want my work floating in China.

  • There is an updated version of the guide. You can find the download link at the bottom of this article:


    Unfortunately, our distribution agreement only allows us to send English language ebooks at this time. I'm not aware of anything in the pipeline that will be changing our current distribution plan, so I think its safe to say we'll be doing only English distribution for the foreseeable future.
  • @Paul Lulu: Thanks for the perfectly clear answer and the link.

    @R.F.G. Cameron: I see your point. Smiley Happy

  • FYI: Why I decided to publish initially just as a paperback in German, without an eBook at this time...


    Market situation


    The eBook market share in Germany in 2016 was only about 5% - rising.



    The major player in 2016 was Amazon (Kindle) with 55%, followed by Tolino (an alliance of book sellers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria) with 23% - Tolino appears to be losing.



    My book


    Non-fiction, with 20 illustrations and 15 tables - I expect readers would want to look at several earlier tables and illustrations in the book while reading - for this currently eBooks/eReaders seem to still to be not ideal compared to a book on paper.


    Readers would probably mostly be women and practically all readers would not be "tech-savvy", likely even less so than average readers of mainstream novels.


    My situation


    One man publishing company / writer, part time (I work 80% employed as a software developer) - I want most of my efforts to go into writing, plus some marketing - technology and administrative tasks should be kept at a minimum.




    • Focus resources onto producing a paperback that "shines" and market it well.
    • Don't "feed" only the market leader Amazon with another eBook; don't put effort into feeding several publishers (mulitple online accounts, separate accounting of revenues, probably several separate ISBNs for different eBook formats).
      * I currently use Swiss ISBNs registered to my publishing company, by design.
    • eBook later on not excluded, depending on paperback sales, reader's wishes and general developments in the eBook market.
    • Provide some key illustrations and tables online on my website so that readers could have them open on a smartphone or tablet while reading the paper book. 

    Last, but not least: Had there been a possibility to publish globally as an eBook (in German) via Lulu, I would certainly have done it, the effort would have been minimal. Smiley Happy


    Also, had my book been a novel or if I worked full time publishing and writing, I would probably have gone for an eBook (Lulu, Amazon, Tolino, Apple, ...).

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