My Epub won't open in Adobe Reader

Hello Fellow Lulu Users,


I published a book and downloaded a few days ago using Lulu's ePub converter.  After looking at it on several devices I noticed that there was a lot of spacing at the top of every page.  I THINK that when I sent my Word doc to Text Edit there were some extra spaces there.  Otherwise the book looked fine along with the artwork.  I decided to correct the error in TextEdit but for some reason Adobe Reader says the file is damaged and will not open it.  Any suggestions?  I have a MBPro runnin 10.6.8 and created the doc with Word 2011.  Thanks and good luck to all.



P.S.  Ultimately, I just want to download the file, place it on my hard drive and upload it to my website.  If you need more information please let me know.  Thanks again!


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