Cannot update current revision

Started a new revision of my project. Uploaded the modified files, verified and saved them. But when I got to the change price option it was fixed and whatever I entered just got reset to the old price.

So I logged off, shutdown and restarted my browser and logged back on. Now, I cannot even get back to the part-updated revision where I left off Saving each step, when I try to I am taken right back through the whole process, including the lengthy waits involved in re-generating and re-validating the print-ready files that are already validated. And I still cannot edit the price.

Am I missing something, or is the system barfing on me?


  • This sounds like something is not functioning correctly.

    I would open a support case ( so our technical staff can have a look.
  • Hi, Thank you for replying so quickly.


    I have since found a workaround, in that once I had published the project (to myself only) then I was offered a different page in which the price change was accepted.


    However even that was pretty awful, in that I tried several prices to see what the return would be and each such price was deemed a change to be sent out across the planet: there was no facility to enter different values to see the effect and then to save my final choice.


    Sorry, I'm tired of trying to do Lulu's quality control work for it. The staff at the other end never act on anything save real showstoppers, so why bother to tell them how cr*p their service is becoming, drip by drip as it seeps into the sand.


    Perhaps you might like to re-energise your colleagues and get both pages cleaned up?

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