Photos in my book

I recently wrote a book about my experiences photographing adult amatuer football.  In it, I included examples of pictures I've taken.  Do I need a release from the subjects?  All these pictures are mine, they are also for sale on my picture website.

Any thoughts?


  • I'm Not A Lawyer. This Is Not Advice.


    Since the photographs are yours, you will not have a copyright issue.


    If none of the photos show a clearly identifiable individual person, then there is no need for a photo release.


    If there are clearly identifiable people, then it's a good practice to get a photo release because this protects you from certain kinds of issues.


    For example, if one of the people in your photo is a professional model, and is paid to be photographed, then that person might claim that you are restricting his or her revenue stream by taking photos for which the model was not paid.


    Or someone could claim that you are invading his or her privacy by taking photos, even though it's a public place. There is a higher standard on this if the person is a public figure, which is how paparazzi get away with being paparazzi.


    Most magazines will not purchase any photo that shows an identifiable individual unless the photographer provides signed releases. Again, public figures are an exception.


    Now, from a realistic perspective -- if this is a set of photos of you and your mates playing football, and the plan is to print one for each of them as a souvenir, then you've got little to worry about. If this is a serious publicized competition, then there might be an issue. If it's somewhere in between, you can probably print a nice 8x10 of each person on the team and present it to him or her in exchange for a release.

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