PDF "ebooks" on Lulu..what is this?

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I am still navigating all the options Lulu has for self-publishing and slowly finding new ways of distribution (which is very cool). I am working on the ebook version of my cookbook in the epub format, but I am curious about the PDF option. After reviewing the guide How to Publish an Ebook in PDF Format, I have a few questions. I suspect I am making this more complicated than it is.


First, the "book" is just a regular PDF file? Is that correct? The idea here is that the PDF would preserve the formatting of a print book I assume; whereas the epub format has a very narrow range of acceptable formatting.


Second, if it is just a PDF file, can I (or should I) use the same PDF file that I uploaded to create the full-color print book (minus the ISBN reference)? It is formatted to 8.5 x 11 but I saw somewhere that people format to A4, which, as I understand it, is a huge sheet of paper. If A4: why so large?


Finally, regarding the sale of the PDF book: I am thinking I would link my website to the Lulu page where the customer would by the book. They would add the PDF file to a cart and buy the book from Lulu. Is that all? Is the PDF password or DRM protected at all?


It almost seems to easy, which is why I am asking Smiley Happy




  • wildwindwildwind Publisher

    Start with the source document that you used to create your PDF for the print book, take out the ISBN then create a PDF and upload this to Lulu after selecting Create a PDF.


    A4 size is 8.27 x 11.69 inches so it is roughly the same as 8.5 x 11 inches but you can make your PDF whatever size you want. Perhaps people make their PDFs A4 so that people can print them out at home if they wish. If you want to create a 6 x 9 book, for example, set that size in your source document and then also select that size when you print to PDF.


    People will be able to buy your PDFs but only on Lulu; they are added to the cart and are available to download as soon as the transaction has been completed. They do not get distributed and unless you are able to drive huge amounts of traffic from your website to your Lulu author spotlight you are not likely to see much in the way of sales.


    The PDF is not password protected. I'm not sure about DRM but I never bother with that anyway. It is incredibly simple but perhaps buying a PDF has seen its season in the sun.

  • Get dopdf which is a free program. Install it and then in your writing program open the document then choose print at the top. Dopdf will open. Click the boxes "embed fonts" and "high images." Save to desktop. Upload that to make a print book. Works with MS Word not sure what other programs. As Brambles said Pds's don't really sell. Amazon and other outlets won't sell them. Most get uploaded to torrent sites so your book will get downloaded for free. I'd stick to the epud and print version here.

  • Thats interesting. Thanks for the tips you two. I will skip the PDF deal for now then.



  • You guys gave really helpful answers. I was just passing, but have wondered about PDF files. Thanks very much for your information.

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