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Hello again community!


I converted my .docx file on Lulu to create an epub file. The formatting looks fine, but the one piece that doesn't work is the internal links. It is a cookbook and when a recipe calls for another base recipe, I want to link to the other recipe as a quick reference. So for example, under the recipe for Pizza, Marinara Sauce would be listed as an ingredient and I would link the title "Marinara Sauce" to that spot in the book (using the Level 3 header "Marinara Sauce").


I followed the instructions on the EBook Creator Guide and linked using "select a place in this document." When I checked the epub file on various ereaders, the internal hyperlinks either don't work at all or they go back a page (not sure why they would do that). I suspect it is the filepath in the Word document that is confusing the epub file. I attached a screenshot of what Word shows me.


Questions: Is there a way to edit the filepath directly in Word? If so, what should it read for the epub conversion process?


Lastly, and mostly a footnote: I used to use Google Sigil ( to edit .epubs directly. Can I do that with Lulu's files or will it not allow me to upload an epub?


Anyhow, thanks everyone!


  • You should be able to select the text you'd like to have link, then right click and select 'Hyperlink.' This will open an options box and you can select locations within the document (including Heading Styles).


    For EPUB editing, it's perfectly fine to do so and upload an EPUB.

  • Unfortunately, Word doesn't give me an option to edit links for "place in this document." I tried Sigil and, although time consuming, it gave me a way to edit the link directly. I used the format:


       <p class="Ingredients"><span>1 cup</span> <a href="item_091.html">Yogurt</a></p>


    item_091.html is the file created by Lulu's converter for a Heading 2 ("Yogurt" in this case).


    Followup question on this if I may:


    Also, for uploading an epub file, would I upload it on the same screen that I would upload the Word file (just before the conversion)?


    Thanks again!

  • That should work too.

    You will upload on the same step, just prior to conversion.
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