Quick revision ISBN quesiton

Hi all,


In the theme of learning-as-I-go, I just recieved a proof copy of a book that is (technically) already out for distribution. I found three minor errors in the edition (not Lulu's errors). I corrected my Word file; exported as a new PDF.


I checked the page on ISBN FAQ and noticed that "substantial changes" require a new ISBN. By that, I don't think I need a new ISBN since I changed grammatical errors.


Before I start clicking around on my project, I want to make sure I now what I am doing:


1. Go to revise, which kicks me back to the beginning.

2. Select the publicly available option. Will it still have the same ISBN information there or will I need to add it again?

3. Proceed through the cover part, etc. (When I did a revision of another project all the information was already there).




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