Getting into's Top 100 listing?

I've been researching the books listed, all have sales ranking, but not all have reviews. I'm just wondering if anyone knows how a book gets listed in the Top 100? Top category, etc.?


  • To my understanding it works like this. The books in the top 100 have made the most money on Not sold the most but made the most money. I find this strange as it doesn't show the popularity of the book just how much money it's made. For example if I sell 10 books here for $10 each that's $100. But if someone else sells two books for $60 each then they rise above me in ranking. To me this is misleading. Obviously the one that sold 10 copies would be the one to be listed higher in rank.

  • Thanks for the insight. I guess if an author were to purchase their own books that could offset the number sold, but money earned accounts for full retail value and is the standard most publisher would hold to as being the most valuable statisitc.


    I just found it strange that some of the books in my category, don't even have a sales number listed yet they are listed in the top 100. So I would assume no money has been made from those yet. Unless the sales are coming in from offsite maybe?

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    I'm guessing that you must be new here. It took me ages to figure out that

    the only market place that matters is Amazon. Getting into the top 500 000

    list on Amazon will bring better rewards than being in Lulu's top 100.


    You will need a better cover for Amazon though. Sadly, you've only got a second

    to catch the potential buyer's eye and you need to make as much impact as

    possible in that short time.

  • I agree. I get almost no sales on this site. Mine come mostly from Amazon worldwide and of course Barnes, Itunes, Inook, Scribd etc. I have one kindle that stayed in the top 10 in it's category for almost 2 months. It was at number one many times during those two month. I sold 75 to 120 copies of that kindle during that time. Amazon has a strange way of moving placements of books. I was at 58 one day , sold two copies and went back to the top ten. So that means the others in my category must have not been selling that much. But like Brambles said don't worry about ranking here unless you're sending people here via  link from a website or something. Most sales will come out of

  • Thanks for the followup guys and yes, as an author I'm new here, but have bought books off of Lulu for years now. 


    In addition to you input, it looks like I may have sold some eBook editions of my book over at Amazon, does anyone know how how long those details take to show up here at Lulu? 

  • Checked today and saw that my lil book may it to #28 in the Fiction list and is now #7 on the Fantasy charts. It may just be Lulu's ranking, but still encouraging and nice to see for a first time author. This getting discovered business is hard, but I'm forging ahead and have more books in the fold. I believe J.K. Rowling was on her 4th book when she finally made it. 

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