Frustrated with LuLu, LuLu DIY and LuLu Support

I am new to LuLu so I will state I am frustrated with the supprt I have received thus far.  It took a week to get an answer back from my Case submission and I had to tweet the CEO and support to make this happen.


On top of that all the info I received in my email correspondence has been 100% wrong.  I have a booke that is already publisjed and is at 8x10 and you cannot upload to DIY LULU unles its 8.25x10.25.   Support has told me 3 times if I upload and go to a smaller format that it will convert.  That is not true.  After 10 days of trying to figure out a solution I called in and found out that these two divisions of LULU are 100% separate from one another and neither know what can or cant be done with either department.  MORE Frustration.


On top of that I was told to make my image stretch from 8x10 to 8.25 it would be 2199.00 HAHAHA.  Ridiculous!!!!!!   So far trying to get answers or help or support is at best Terrible.  I hope others are not having the same issues I am having.  Pretty embarrassed for LuLu to be honest.


  • Hi Fr8zilla!

    I apologize for the frustration our publishing process has caused you.

    Upon review of your account, I do see that we have been in touch with you through your support case and have spoken to you on the phone a couple of times.

    As mentioned in our previous communication with you, in order to upload a file to our publishing wizard, authors must submit a properly formatted and sized file for the book size they choose to create. While our publishing wizard can downsize a file to fit a book size smaller than the source file, it cannot stretch a file to fit a larger book size as this would distort the fonts and images in the printed book, potentially making them illegible in the printed copy. Even when our system resizes a file to a smaller size, we highly recommend a careful review of the print-ready PDF file as it can change the formatting.

    I see that you have also been in touch with our Services department about resizing the file for you. If you have any additional questions about their packages, please reach out to them directly.

    While Lulu Support cannot resize your file for you, we will be happy to walk you through the publishing process and help in any way we can.
  • That is Not true.  I would like for you to try and take my file that is an 8x10 and see if it will let you go to a 6x9.  It will not downsize.  Your support team keeps saying that and are proven wrong every time.

  • Hi Fr8zilla,

    I personally tested the file and it was able to convert to a 6x9. It will give you an error first saying that the size does not match but if you press "make print ready", it will convert.

    If you have further questions or concerns, I recommend reaching out to the technical support representative that is handling your case.
  • Patience is an art form. Taylor, I think you'll do well in LuLu.

  • I think that example of the file size sums up Lulu's approach to customer support: there is a workaround so there is no problem. The fact that the workaround is not obvious (in this case, to ignore an error message), is lost on them. In among the conflicting messages the user is getting, the right answer is in there somewhere. Job done. Only no, job not done at all. Next step is to make sure that the UI sends the right message first time (in this case, perhaps cleaning up the "Error" message and making it clear that it is not a showstopper but merely Cautionary advice).

    But you can bend Lulu's ears all you like and, unless some particular manager takes an instant liking to your suggestion, it will sink without trace. Complacency and caprice come through strongly.

    Years ago I suggested a way to reduce the endless queries about missing ISBNs, with a simple change to the UI. The other day, I found myself suggesting something similar again. So much pain to so many forum correspondents, such a tiny tweak to the information on one page, but no - support staff see it as a management problem, managers see it as a development problem, developers see it as a support problem. Everybody is too busy passing off all the problems spinning round to actually deal with any of them. Such as actually reading the suggestions within living memory and deleting all the spam messages. The SEP (Somebody Else's Problem) force is strong with Lulu.

    Come on Lulu, shake off that complacency, listen to your customers, don't let your quality of service trickle away into the sand, the Internet is never forever!

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